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This page is for client's looking for new cut and colors ideas.

I have picked out some of the most popular and classic hair styles

and explain how you can get the look!


We try to educate our clients on WHY products that come from a professional salon are better for you hair and scalp. For the healthiest hair and scalp, we recommended using ONLY professional shampoos, conditioners and styling products. Goldwell, Pureology, Brazilian Blowout are all great options that we carry at the salon. The difference between professional shampoo and conditioners and ones that you buy at the stores is that ALL professional, salon exclusive brands, unless labeled otherwise, must be  pH balanced. 

What does all this mean? It means your hair will be stronger, less frizzy, soft, shiny and hydrated. Hair will be more manageable and easier to style after your first use of our professional shampoo and conditioner- Guaranteed.

Salon products are concentrated so you use less, save money and have beautiful hair!

"pH" is measured on the pH scale, between 1 and 14 (with 1 being very acidic; like lemons and 14 being very alkaline; like perm solutions) Your hair, skin and nails are naturally at a pH level of 4.5 - 5.5. Going up just one number higher on the scale means multiplying the level of acidity/alkalinity in multiples of ten. This means that any non-professional products found at the store are NOT pH balanced and can be anywhere from 10 to 10,000 times too strong for your hair and scalp and is most often the cause of problem scalp and hair such as: oily scalp, dry, brittle hair, hair that is frizzy, color that fades quickly, hair that feels limp and heavy, having to switch shampoo and conditioner often due to buildup, and waxy buildup from cheap ingredients that coat and stick to the hair. If the products are not pH balanced, it won't matter if the product says 'gentle' or 'sulfate-free' or 'color-safe' as they can still cause undesirable hair results. 


Get the look: Reese Witherspoon

You can get this look by foiling through your natural brown root color with lots of light blonde foils. The color grows out nicely because you can still see some brown regrowth. You can always add low lights down the road to add dimension or darken it up for Fall. Her haircut has medium layers with some face framing pieces. Maintenance: Partial Foil Highlight every 7-9 weeks.

Get the look: Audrina Patridge

You can get this look by cutting medium to long layers into the hair and curling it around a big barrel curling iron to get loose curls. The color is a beautiful warm medium brown which works well on many skin tones and is easy to maintain and grows out well. This style would look great with bangs worn forward or as a side bang. If you hair is curly and frizzy, you may want to use a flat iron. With this style, cuts should be done every 8-10 weeks to maintain its shape.

Get the look: Jennifer Anniston

To get this look, it is best to use your natural brown roots and do a Partial Foil Highlight with a light blonde and honey blonde color. The mix of the 2 shades you foil in with your darker brown base gives a natural look. This cut is a classic layered cut, with razored layers to create a fun, piecey look. This cut grows out nice and looks great in virtually any length! You can customize the cut to you by adding face framing layers or some shorter layers in the back for added volume. To style, apply a leave in conditioner or smoothing serum and blow dry smooth. If your hair is curly or frizzy, you may want to consider either a Keratin Express treatment or Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment, so your hair will be effortless to style. With this style, cuts should be done about every 6-8 weeks and Partial Foil Highlights every 7-9 weeks.

Get the look: Victoria Beckham

This cut looks great on just about anyone- no matter the age or the hair color. It is also versatile; You can keep the back longer or shorter and tailor the front to what you feel comfortable with. Cutting beautiful, soft layers throughout the hair is essential to give this look the great shape and movement. This cut is great for fine hair and adds a lot of volume. Easy to style! To maintain this style, cuts should be done about every 4-6 weeks.To get this color you need a medium brown base color and lots of soft, light brown foil highlights. The colors enhance all the layers in her hair and shows off the style. If you have naturally dark brown hair, this can be done with a honey-color. This color is fairly low maintenance if you are just highlighting and retouches would be needed about every 6-10 weeks.

Get the look: Jaime Lee Curtis

This cut has so many variations! In this photo, her hair is cut short in the back and sides and the top is left long and piecey. You can also wear this style with the top shorter and even do it as a side bang or a short, baby bang which can really bring attention to your features. If you like this style, then a fun, piecey razor cut is for you! To style, add some gel and blow dry with your fingers. Once dry, add some texturizing paste and piece the layers into desired shape. With this style, cuts should be done about every 4-8 weeks to maintain its shape.

Get the look: Alessandra Ambrosio

To get this look you can do the highlighting technique know as Balayage (which means "to sweep" in French) The highlights are hand painted on the hair dry and are done in different size and placed to give a natural, sun-kissed look. It grows out beautifully and doesn't have the "lines" or a "pattern" that foils do. Low lights can be added for more depth and dimension. Maintenance on Balayage highlighting is about every 10-12 weeks.

Get the look: Kate Hudson

This is another example of longer layers. It helps the curls look as though they are cascading down the hair. Medium layers in the back and sides will helps to add volume at root. With this style, cuts should be done every 6-10 weeks to maintain its shape. To get this look, the natural root color has been lightened with a single process. Once the naturally dark hair has been lightened to a golden blonde color, you can then add some face-framing light blonde highlights in foils or even balayage. This breaks up the warm golden base and gives the color a more dimensional look. Maintenance can be anywhere from 4-7 weeks for roots and then adding foils as needed either every other time.

Get the look: Kim Kardashian

To get this look, you need a very layered cut, which helps showcase the caramel highlights.The base color is a one process dark brown color. You can added a touch of gold for shine. If you do not want to commit to this dark of a color permanently, is available in a demi-permanent, high shine color gloss. In this photo there are also chunky, heavy caramel highlights added throughout that add dramatic dimension. Maintenance on this color would be about every 4-8 weeks, depending on natural hair color.


Get the look: Brad Pitt

CUT - Casual, medium length on the sides, slightly longer on top

This cut is a classic, casual cut that is slightly on the longer side. This cut is likely razored on top for added volume and texture. It can be worn down or slightly pieced out as shown. The neckline can be rounded or squared. For a styling product, you can use paste or light hold clay for texture. Maintenance for this style is about 5-7 weeks.

Get the look: David Beckham

CUT - Very short on the sides, long length on top

This is a modern men's cut is clean AND stylish! It is tight up the sides, using a clipper and the top is hand cut to a length, but can still look professional. The top can be done with scissors or a razor, depending on hair type. For a styling product, you can use paste or light hold clay for texture. Maintenance for this style is about 4-6 weeks.